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English S E Garchen Rimpoché Out/18


Dharma Event with His Eminence Garchen Rinpoché
PORTUGAL city PORTO / MAIA from 4 to 7 October / 18

It is indescribable the happiness we feel for having been granted second visit to His Eminence Garchen Rinpoché, Portugal, from 4 to 7 October 2018.

We will be blessed to receive valuable teachings and initiations that we believe will bring great merit to Portugal in general and in particular to all the participants and supporters of the organization.

Given the qualities of the Master in question and the fact that he has cleared other teachings to honor us with his visit, we would like to do everything so that his visit would have a historical milestone in Buddhism in Portugal.

Please disseminate to all your friends and family this event because it is a unique opportunity to receive Blessings directly from a living Buddha with immeasurable results for this life and future lives.

Registration is compulsory to attend the teachings.

Program of Event


*Note:  - The timing of breaks may be subject to change.
·         Participate in the full event from 4 to 7 October, benefits a discount the total of: 180 euros
·         You can still choose to sign up for the days you want
·         Necessary registration and perform our reservation, contact us directly or subscribe using the link:www.changchup.com and receive an email with additional information.

LANGUAGE: The teachings will be in Tibetan and direct translation to Spanish (Portuguese) and English.
BOOKS OF SUPPORT: Translated into Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Hotel Premium Porto Maia
R. Simão Bolívar 375, 4470-214 Maia
Tel.: (+351) 22 943 5650
E-mail: reservas.maia@hoteispremium.com                               
Website: https://www.premiumportomaia.com
-  Are not included, may choose the hotel restaurant or outside in shopping’s, links:
Centro Comercial Plaza ; Centro Comercial Venepor; Café Turista ; http://www.visitmaia.pt/pages/99
- Are not included, may choose the Hotel Premium Porto Maia or outside have other options:
·         http://www.visitmaia.pt/pages/102
-To search and reserve hotels in Maia city, district Porto, links::
·         http://www.booking.com
·         http://www.trivago.pt
·         www.logitravel.pt
·         www.airbnb.com
AIRPORT (Porto or Oporto) Portugal
- Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro http://www.ana.pt/pt-PT/Aeroportos/Porto/Porto/Paginas/HomePorto.aspx
How to get to the Location of the teachings for the hotel (2 minutes from the Metro)
·         Metro:
At the Metro Station look for the direction ISMAI. Exit at FORUM MAIA stop (hotel is 2 minutes away).
For schedules and prices see the website: www.metrodoporto.pt
·         Bus, car:
There are many ways to participate in this event virtuously, for example:
- Taking responsibility for performing different tasks before, during or after the event
- By sponsoring another person who cannot pay the event
- By sharing house for the people who come from other countries.
- Sponsoring help the costs of the event.
…..... We believe, you can help in many ways. Together, we generate numerous benefits to all sentient beings through this event!
Please inform us if you want to participate.
This event is supported by:
União Budista Portuguesa:  http://uniaobudista.pt/
Restaurante Os Tibetanos:  http://tibetanos.com/
Associação Phendê: http://www.phende.org/index.html
DoGoodToo: https://dogoodtoo.com/pt/

With Love and dedicating all the merit for the benefit of all beings,

 Participate in the full event from 4 to 7 Octobe: 180 euros
 Day 4 October (Thursday):19h15-20h30 - Lecture "The Way to Happiness and Peace in the 21st Century" In the end S.E. Garchen Rinpoche offers the possibility to take the vows of refuge. Contribution: 10 euros
 Day 5 October (Friday):10h-12h00 Teachings of the 37 practices of the Bodhisattvas one of the more important texts of Tibetan Buddhism. 15h00-18h00 Taking Bodhisattva Vows and Teaching 37 practices of the Bodhisattvas Contribution: 65 euros
 Day 6 October (Saturday): 10h-12h00 Introduction to Kalachakra , 15h30-18h30 Preparation for the Kalachakra empowerment (tib. Tagon)
 Day 7 October (Sunday): 10h-12h00 Teachings on Tantrayana and on empowerments into the highest Yoga- Tantra 15h-19h00 Kalachakra empowerment and Puja Contribution (saturday e sunday): 135 euros

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