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The Changchup Institute

The Institute is dedicated to personal development.

The word “Changchup” comes from the Tibetan language, and means "Spirit of Light".

The Changchup Institute was born in 2003 as "House of Reiki", since then it made hundreds of Reiki practitioners and meditators, who are now part of a large community of friends in Portugal and abroad.

Sandra Lima
(Cham Chik Changchup) & António Lima ( Dorjé Changchup)

H.E Garchen Rinpoché in Portugal 9 to 12 Ocutubro de 2014

It is indescribable the happiness we feel for having been granted with the visit of His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, to Portugal from 9 to 12 October 2014. It is a great blessing to receive such treasured teachings and initiations (Mahamudra Buddha Amitabha and Powa).
We are very grateful to Venerable Lama Tsering Rinpoche, who with his prayers and love made possible the coming of His Eminence to Portugal.

Please disseminate to all your friends and family this event because it is a unique opportunity to receive Blessings directly from a living Buddha with immeasurable results for this life and future lives.

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